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"KiDs – Protect children from discrimination!" consists of

  • a nationwide campaign,
  • an office for antidiscrimination counselling for young children Berlin-wide,
  • support services for childcare centres which are in the process of installing complaint procedures sensitive to issues of discrimination.

KiDs combines long-term experience and expertise from the educational training and consultation centre “Fachstelle Kinderwelten für Vorurteilsbewusste Bildung und Erziehung” with findings and experience from the field of antidiscrimination counselling.

What we do

KiDs promotes

  • a heightened perception of discrimination in its different forms,
  • public knowledge and awareness concerning the effects and consequences of discrimination for children,
  • strategies for reacting to, intervening against and preventing discrimination,
  • the consideration of discrimination issues in debates concerning children's rights and well-being,
  • the strengthening and empowerment of children.


One instrument for protecting children from discrimination is campaigning. The aim of this work is to heighten public awareness that also children face discrimination, even at a very young age. We inform and sensitize the public about different cases of discrimination, in which children are treated, presented, segregated or excluded in a degrading or stereotypical way. For instance, we draw attention to discriminating content in children's literature and schoolbooks, in advertising involving children and in playthings and games as well as to the discrimination that specific groups of children face in their everyday lives.

To realise these goals, the campaign office works to inform and sensitize the public through networking and public awareness campaigns.

Contact: Nuran Yiğit: nuran.yigit@kinderwelten.net

Complaint Procedures

Since 2012 adequate and appropriate participatory structures and complaint procedures have been a prerequisite for the issuance of an operating license according to the German Code of Social Law (Sozialgesetzbuch VIII § 45).

But how exactly can public or parent-run childcare centres implement the required complaint procedures for children? How do these procedures need to be structured in order to respond appropriately to children's experiences of discrimination, taking these incidents seriously as cases of abuse.

As part of our pilot project we are consulting four childcare centres over the course of almost two years, along with their teams, the children in the centres and their respective parents or guardians. The results of this pilot project will be presented to the youth welfare offices, childcare provider organisations, childcare and antidiscrimination experts and others who are interested. We will also host an expert conference at the end of the project in summer 2019 to discuss this and related issues. We are also planning a publication.

Contact information: Berit Wolter: berit.wolter@kinderwelten.net; Anne Backhaus: anne.backhaus@kinderwelten.net

Counselling office

Flyer Counselling (PDF)

KiDs' drop-in counselling office in Berlin offers counselling and case accompaniment for children from birth to age 8 who are facing discrimination.

This service is available for children as well as those adults who choose to take responsibility to protect children from discrimination.

The KiDs' counselling office offers counselling concerning all areas of life in which children might face discrimination, for instance childcare centres, the transition phase from childcare centres to school, school, recreational and sports facilities, governmental agencies and health care.

The individual counselling process encompasses different services, including a first, information-focused meeting, counselling and accompaniment while dealing with the case, an initial assessment on the legal prospects for the case, complaint letters, etc.

Counselling services at KiDs are offered free of charge and in German, Turkish, English and Spanish. If needed, interpreters for other languages can be made available.

We take the side of those seeking our support – for KiDs the interests of the child take top priority. We offer our counselling according to the principles of confidentiality and transparency.

KiDs also consults organisations which would like to inform themselves on how to address or prevent discrimination cases or discriminating structures in a sensitive way. The consultation is based especially upon the experience of the educational training and consultation centre “Fachstelle Kinderwelten” from ISTA and may include its training services.

Contact person: Maryam Haschemi (counsellor): maryam.haschemi@kinderwelten.net
Telephone number for counselling: 030 80 20 63 23

Contact information

KiDs – Kinder vor Diskriminierung schützen!
Naunynstraße 64, 10997 Berlin
Telephone: 030 80 20 69 00
Fax: 030 69 53 999 -29

Directions to our office

Take the underground U1/U8 to Kottbusser Tor or the Bus M29/140 to Adalbertstr./Oranienstr.